Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Party December 13

Join the Music City Modern Quilt Guild for food and fun at our annual holiday party on December 13 at 10am!  Guests welcome.  Location is Barr Conference Room in First Presbyterian Church on Legends Lane, at the corner of Mack Hatcher and Franklin Road in Franklin.  Follow the signs for the Main Office of the church, and then follow the Music City MQG signs to get to the right room.  (Download a map under the Meetings tab above.)

Everyone who would like to play a game of Dirty Santa: Just wrap up the equivalent of 1 yard of fabric (one yard, two half yards, 4 fat quarters, or a charm pack).  Then we'll all fight to see who goes home with what.

Those who signed up to participate in the Secret Santa Sewing Swap: Don't forget your gift.  Please contact Chelley if you won't be able to attend, and she will arrange to pick up your gift and bring it to the meeting.

Members: please watch Facebook to sign up for an hors d'oeuvre or dessert item.

Can't wait to see everyone and have some fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monthly Meeting Reminder: October 18, 2014

Our next meeting will be held on October 18. It will be at 10 am as usual and the location is the BARR CONFERENCE ROOM, where we met in September. In fact, we will be in the Barr Conference Room for the remainder of the year and probably beyond. If you haven't been with us for a meeting recently, you can find a downloadable map under the "MEETINGS" tab at the top of this page.
This is an important meeting: We will plan the calendar for next year. It will also be an open sew, so please bring your sewing project AND your ideas for next year. We'll set up right away and discuss the calendar AS we sew. That way you can get some good sewing time in. If you don't want to sew, please still come with your ideas. Big ideas, small ideas: let's talk about them all.
See you on Saturday!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 15 2014 Meeting

General Discussion

Brief meeting to remind members to complete their surveys for the Secret Santa Swap.  Great attendance for our Fabric Dying class conducted by Jayne Willis and her daughter. 

There is much to learn about fabric dying and the Guild is most thankful that Jayne and her daughter for sharing their talents and home with us.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 19 2014 Meeting

General Discussion:

Jenny brought up Nashville's upcoming Art Walk and was in contact with Nancy from the Fabric Studio.  She was interested in displaying 10 - 15 quilts for the Art Walk.  It is held the first Saturday of each month.

Chelly Black is handling the sign ups and match ups for our Christmas Secret Santa Swap.  Please complete the survey by first week of September if you are interested in participating this year.  Chelly will try to have the Secret Santa assignments by October.

Our guild now has its own calling cards.  Each member is asked to post and distribute all over town.  Thanks you Stefanie for handling this for the Guild!


Michael Miller Challenge

Linda Cunningham brought her chevron pieced wall hanging using grey as her background.
Jayne Willis made an adorable pillow with a paper pieced hedgehog.
Katie Dornan constructed a mini quilt utilizing flying geese.
Ashley Gomez made rectangle style pillow focusing on the aqua tones.
Jenny Parker made a baby quilt using the square in a square pattern and lime green is her background.

Other Show and Tell by Stefanie Williams made a baby quilt using the Swoon Block and Jayne Willis also brought in two wall hangings, one in reds and the other in blues.  It was quilted using her walking foot.

Next meeting: August 16 - Fabric Dying at Jayne Willis' home.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 21 2014 Meeting

General Discussion:

New member: Kate Dornan
9 Members were present at the June Meeting. Hand Quilting was taught by Linda Cunningham.

Discussion of the May meeting (Nicu Smocks): The smocks were in various stages of completion and 44 smocks were given to the hospital. Callie was presented with a certificate for the guilds efforts.
Prorating member dues- Jenny to get Stephanie’s thoughts. Part of the discussion will be to find out if the MQG’s dues are part of the prorating.

Cumberland Valley Quilt Association – (CVQA), meets on 2nd Tuesday of the month during the day would like to know if our members would be interested in an exchange program. Do you have any ideas, and/or interests.
Members to verify getting emails from Jenny.

Show and Tell:
Christine Copenhaver showed her talents, she made several headbands for the Tomato Festival. Her book “Necktie Quilts” is on Amazon for pre-order. She showed the members the mockup of the cover. Very Nice.

Lindsey Conner, and Ashley Gomez are also talented members of the guild. Lindsey is a freelancer and Ashley has a shop on Etsy.
Upcoming Events:

July – will be an “Open Sew” this would be a good opportunity to finish up the “Challenge” for the MQG that is to be presented to MQG on the 25th.
August – Jayne Willis, to demonstrate “Hand Dying” materials required and directions house to follow.

September – “Open Sew”
October – “Planning for the upcoming year 2015” Jenny would like the members to present at least 3 ideas to choose from.

November – “Charity Sew” (Nicu Smocks)
December – “Holiday Party” will be a Pot Luck the 2nd Saturday of the month. Dirty/Secret Santa, it’s so much more fun when everyone participates. We have so many talented members. Chelley will you coordinate the event? 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 17 2014 Meeting

General Discussion:

Jenny Parker reminded us that the Michael Miller Challenge is due in July and hopes everyone is able to get their projects completes and uploaded to the site.
She also brought door prizes for our Charity Sew today provided by the Modern Quilt Guild
July meeting will be hand quilting taught by Linda Cunningham.  Basic supplies to bring:
- Pieced project
- Quilting Grid
-  #10 Quilting Needles
- Hoop
- Quilting Thread
- Thimble

Callie Vick gave a tutorial on NICU smock construction our group is working on today for the Vanderbilt NICU Unit.

Thanks to all our members and guests that participated in completing 44 smocks to deliver to Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital.

Next meeting date: August 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 Meeting

Our April Meeting was brought to order by President Jenny Parker.
- Linda Cunningham is compiling a current membership spreadsheet to post.  She confirmed our meeting room rent is paid through June.

- Checking to see if we may use the Barr Conference Room for our May meeting.

- Jenny Parker received our Modern Quilt Guild Pins and Membership Cards and distributed during meeting.

- Our Facebook Members Only group has 15 current members.

- With utilizing the Facebook site, Stefanie Williams will remove the Guild website.  Our Music City Modern Quilters Guild Blog will remain with some tabs hidden.

- Jenny Parker handed out fat eights packages for the Michael Miller challenge.  She has enough for a couple more if there is anyone interested. 
Goodies from our April 2014 Meeting
1. Item can be any style, design, size
2. Item must be quilted
3. May use Michael Miller complimentary fabrics (cotton couture solids, prints, etc.)
4. Photo of project uploaded to Modern Quilters Guild site.

- Callie Tinney discussed next month's Charity Sew - NICU smocks for the Vanderbilt Childern's Hospital.  Motion was made by Trudy Jackson to purchase an Accu-Quilt custom template for easier cutting. Sharon Hels second and Stefanie Williams third. Motion carried. Linda and Stefanie to work out the ordering and shipping details.  Stefanie plans to pre-cut several smocks prior to May's meeting.  Jenny has several door prizes for our meeting.  Watch for updates on Facebook supply needs and pack a lunch!

- Jenny was able to participate in the Sew Down Friday close and pack up day.  She met with marketing and publicity personnel and gained a bit more knowledge with our national group.  They donated a large cutting mat for the guild.

- Linda Cunningham will go over guidelines at our next meeting for our June Handquilting Class she is teaching.

NEXT MEETING - May 17 - Charity Sew


Royce Vaughan brought in several books and a paper piecing template for anyone that wanted.  Jenny will start building a library with some of these.  Royce also shared a children's book that she illustrated.  Such a talent!

Royce shared a lap quilt in gray, black, yellow and cream.  She declared the quilt did not have a front or back.  She quilted it with feathers of all sizes.  Great first attempt!
Goodies from our April 2014 Meeting

Sharon Hels brought in a photo of a hexi machine piecing project.  Very interesting!
Goodies from our April 2014 Meeting

PAPERPIECING - taught by Kathy Lasko
Kathy Gwin Lasko's photo.Kathy's sample of our project.
Kathy Gwin Lasko's photo.    Kathy Gwin Lasko's photo.   A couple of Kathy's paper piecing work.

You missed out on the fun by creating a lady bug paper piecing.  This was a quick project that you could complete the block at our meeting.  We made all sizes from 2" to 8" and we even had a Yoda project in the mix. So many different versions and all looked great!  Thanks Kathy for the expert instruction and patience!